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Børnetelefonen – Børns Vilkår Campaign

Creative director: Patrick Chan
Director / DOP: Daniel Bezares
Producer: Filson Ali
Chief Executive Officer: Niddal El-Jabri
Agency: Liberate Agency
Production company: Camera X
1st AC: Mikkel Kappel Persson
Sound recordist: Giulio Conversi
Sound designer: Frej Levin
Animation: Caroline Kjellberg
Production manager: Alessandra Greisen
Agency producer: Zaklina Rajovic


Commercial for the brand Monoqool.

Campaign package containing 10 SOME-content films and one hero campaign film..


Client: Monoqool

Director: Daniel Bezares

Production: Camera X

Duration: 1.40 min

Formats: Commercial 

Platform: Facebook / Instagram

State: World Premiere online


Commercial for the brand Monoqool – A love story


A man and a woman run into a building in the middle of the forest. They meet by a hall full of art and sunlight that dazzles them from the ceiling. They hold each other’s hands and smile at each other. Both of them were fascinated by the light and the sculptures around them in the hall.


Client: Monoqool

Production: Camera X

Director / DOP: Daniel Bezares

Duration: 1.39 min

Format: Commercial 

Platform: Facebook / Instagram

State: World Premiere Online