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FRODI – “Fet Fyri Borð” / MUSICVIDEO

The music video “Fet Fyri Borð” is produced for the second single from Fródi’s album “Hola”.

Story written by Fródi Hansen and further elaborated by Daniel Bezares.


Director: Daniel Bezares

Producer: Filson Ali

The Homeless Man: Eric Hammel

Ex-wife: Heathor Meister

Daughter: Veslemøy Meister

Homeless Man on the Street: Jorge Rivera

Homeless Group: Aske Ishöy Stalling, Uffe Ølgaard Harris, Jens Meier, Arild Rimestad and Kevin K. Yuven.

Bad Guy 1: Michael Philip Gottlieb Bad

Bad Guy 2: Alexander Jensen

Makeup and Styling: Elaine Décor

Big thanks to Alessandra Greisen García for helping out on set.


Production: Camera X

Duration: 04:54 min

Formats: Music Video

Platforms: Online / YouTube