If you need a producing partner, co-producer, executive producer or another type of producing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have a great board of producers that can take on your project and see it through. We are truly passionate about film. Probably as much as you are. That means that no matter what, you are in good hands as we appreciate good and open communication


With our sharp team of production people and strong network of experienced professionals we help you to facilitate your productions in our local area. At the moment this service is limited to Copenhagen, Denmark. We are working to offer this service in New York, U.S. and Stockholm, Sweden. If you still are in need of help in these areas we can easily refer you to our fellow top professional production companies in the corresponding area.


Our in-house film packages are streamlined and ready for you to shoot. With unbelievably low prices you can allocate that extra budget for that extra something for your film. If you are in need for special cameras or other special equipment, such as more demanding lighting/electrical, grip or other production gear, let us know as we have great partners we cooperate with. At the moment the in-house rental service is limited to the Copenhagen, Denmark area. If you still are in need of help in these areas we can easily refer you to the top professional rental houses in the corresponding area.


Our creative team is ready to tell your story. Ready to pitch your project and make the blueprint for the production. We believe in a open, fun and creative process to make the best ideas come to life. We only work with the best creatives and we expect that you commit 100% to your film because that is what we do.


Get in touch and lets begin creating